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The mission of Irie Source is to offer people the opportunity to Nurture the Source by enriching their lives with safe, fresh, great smelling, hand-blended, quality essential oil products made from simple and nature-made ingredients, as well as providing skilled, effective, professional massage and bodywork to promote overall wellness. 



Irie Source will encourage positive, green living for the body, home, community and planet.  We will maintain a peaceful, collaborative, and creative work environment that respects individuality within the team and growth for all.

Irie Source Essentials is committed to using only high-quality essential oils and genuine nature-made ingredients to create fragrances in safe, ready-to-use concentrations.  The company is unwavering in its pledge to use only natural and vegan components, never choosing to use any form of dangerous additives and chemicals.  Products are hand-blended with peace and positive energy. Please note: At this time, the body butter is blended out of house and essential oils are then added to it. There is a very small amount of preservative. This will soon be made in house. 

Irie Bodywyrks' approach to multi dimensional wellness incorporates education, experience, intuition, and an ongoing thirst for knowledge in massage, aromatherapy, craniosacral therapy and energy work that encourages clients to be at peace with themselves in their current state of being. Committed to facilitate healing with each individual client by listening to their body, mind, emotions and spirit for guidance in order to serve that individual in their highest and best interest to ultimately Nurture the Source.  


Irie Bodywyrks formed in 2001 and is owned and managed by Irene Rutherford. 


Irene graduated with a 2200hr (2 year) diploma in Massage Therapy and Hydrotherapy, which includes certification in Essential Oils and Phytotherapeutic Blending, from Foothills College of Massage Therapy in 2001. Initially, Irie Bodywyrks operated as a private contractor at the Centre for Family Well  Being in Calgary as a Massage Therapist and  Birth Doula. Irene had apprenticed with midwife Zoe Cope on Vancouver Island in 1994-1996, and was already a Certified Doula  before starting Massage Therapy College.


Following her heart back to the East Kootenays of BC,  Irene was supported by employment at Fairmont Hot Springs Resort + Spa. Although rewarding, Irene yearned to put her extensive training to work and build a client base that allowed repeat visits, treatment plans and witness the positive results of her skills in a way that a vacation spa setting does not provide.


Irene (aka Irie) took the leap of faith and opened her own practice in 2002 in beautiful Fairmont. With a separate entrance to the basement, Irene set up a massage and spa clinic where she used exclusive essential oil blends that she formulated herself. Most of those proprietary blends are the foundation of Irie Source Essentials today.

Even though her practice in Fairmont grew quickly and flourished, once her son started kindergarten, it became clear that she didn't want him travelling hours on the bus every day for school. Her family decided to move an hour down the valley to her hometown of Kimberley. This had been the ultimate goal when she started Massage College, and she was grateful to be welcomed back by her community. That was in 2004, and Irie Bodywyrks has enjoyed success facilitating wellness in our unique and beautiful mountain town ever since. Her flexible schedule as a self employed health care provider nurtured her family through her son's school years and beyond. 

All the while, Irie Source Essentials has consistently grown in popularity as well, represented at local farmer's markets, retailers, and at Irie Bodywyrks' clinic. Community demand, both from local business and regular clients convinced Irene to follow her vision to expand her own proprietary line of essential oil blends further into the marketplace. Irene is thrilled to be offering her olfactory art in the way she had always hoped.

Fresh. Expressive. Feeling Irie! 

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