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The mission of Irie Source is to offer people the opportunity to Nurture the Source by enriching their lives with safe, fresh, great smelling, hand-blended, quality essential oil products made from simple and nature-made ingredients, as well as providing skilled, effective, professional massage and bodywork to promote overall wellness. 


Irie Source will encourage positive, green living for the body, home, community and planet.  We will maintain a peaceful, collaborative, and creative work environment that respects individuality within the team and growth for all.

Irie Source Essentials is committed to using only high-quality essential oils and genuine nature-made ingredients to create fragrances in safe, ready-to-use concentrations.  The company is unwavering in its pledge to use only natural and vegan components, never choosing to use any form of dangerous additives and chemicals.  Products are hand-blended with peace and positive energy. Please note: At this time, the body butter is blended out of house and essential oils are added to it. There is a very small amount of preservative. This will soon be made in house. 

Irie Bodywyrks' approach to multi dimensional wellness incorporates education, experience, intuition, and an ongoing thirst for knowledge in massage, aromatherapy, craniosacral therapy and energy work that encourages clients to be at peace with themselves in their current state of being. Commited to facilitate healing with each individual client by listening to their body, mind, emotions and spirit for guidance in order to serve that individual in their highest and best interest to ultimately Nurture the Source.  


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