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COVID-19 Policies

The health and safety of my clients, colleagues, and this community is my highest priority as we navigate the evolving Covid19 policies. Please read on to learn how my clinic is adapting. 


Booking an appointment:


1. When booking an appointment, please ensure you, or someone in your household, has not recently (within the past 14 days) travelled outside of Canada, or have been exposed to, or are someone who has been feeling ill in any way. 


2. The day before your appointment I will contact you via email or phone with a Patient Self-Assessment Form evaluating your symptoms for a potential risk of COVID-19 infection. You must respond to this email/call/text, and confirm that you will be attending your appointment, or it will be cancelled. Confirming your appointment acts as a waiver,  that you are not experiencing any listed symptoms, and acknowledging the potential of being exposed to Covid19, even though I will be following the best practices in an attempt to avoid this. 


3. On the morning of your appointment, please re-evaluate your symptoms. If anything has changed please cancel your appointment - there will be no cancellation fee.

What I ask of you:


1. Please avoid bringing non-essential belongings to the clinic (shopping bags, food/beverages).


2. Please do not bring family members to your appointment, unless the patient is a minor or in need of assistance.


3. Please bring a clean mask that you put on right before entering the clinic. If you do not have one, I can supply a disposable mask for $1.00. I also have cloth masks to borrow, they are laundered after each use. You will not be required to wear your mask while you are lying face down, but of course you can if you choose to.  


4. When you arrive at the clinic, you will wait in your car, or outside, until I wave you in. We will use the west side door that is beside my office, in the upper parking lot. This is to avoid using the waiting room of the main entrance. I will open the door for you, where you will remove your shoes. You will then go directly into my office and wash your hands, avoiding touching anything. There will be a towel for your use only, set out waiting for you. This towel will be used for any hand washing that you do while at the clinic, and is laundered between uses. 


5. For payment, I accept e-transfer (preferred), credit card, cash or cheques. Your receipt will be emailed to you. The fee schedule has been updated as follows: 

30 minutes $60

60 minutes $110

90 minutes $150

These prices are still in the mid-range of the BC recommended fees for massage and help accommodate all the extra cleaning and administration work that now needs to be done for each appointment, as well as the costs of my own PPE.  

What you can expect from me:


1. I have read and tried to implement every ‘best practices’ policy mandated by WCB, Natural Health Practitioners of Canada, BC College of Massage Therapy, and government guidelines for Personal Service Establishments. 

2. There will be 30 minutes between appointments to allow any air particulates to settle to the floor, and to clean all surfaces.  


3. I will self-monitor and document my symptoms daily. If I am experiencing any symptoms, your appointment will be cancelled. 


4. Prior to your appointment, I have sanitized all contact surfaces within my treatment room and bathroom. 


5. I will be wearing a mask for your treatment. I will not be wearing gloves. By attending your appointment, you agree to this policy.

I hope you find this information thorough, helpful, and with all of our best interest at heart. I look forward to seeing your smiling eyes soon! 

Thank you for your support, 


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