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In regards to the perinatal period, Irie Bodywyrks offers ‘Ma Massage’, ‘Irie Birth’ Classes, PostPartum Doula Services and a Lending Library featuring various authors and subjects regarding childbearing and beyond.

Expectant Couple

Pre & Post Natal Massage:

Ma Massage

Irene understands the physiological and emotional changes that occur at this most amazing time, and honours each woman's way of moving with these changes. Using a special blend of essential oils safe for pregnancy, you will feel truly nurtured with Ma Massage.

Skilled pregnancy massage:

  • nourishes the expectant mother

  • induces a meditative tranquility that is perfect preparation for birth

  • stimulates and regulates the body

  • improves flow of blood and lymph, so that oxygen, nutrients and waste products are carried more effectively

  • relieves tension and encourages the release of pent-up emotions, creating a healthier environment for the fetus

  • helps prepare the body for the demands of infant care


Post natal massage:

  • aids in recuperation from labour and delivery

  • promotes positive body image

  • relieves stress of caring for an infant

  • enhances coping skills

60 minutes: $110

90 minutes: $150

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Irie Birth Classes

Over a year ago, Irene made the decision to ‘retire’ from being an active Doula and stopped attending births. She definitely didn’t want all her skills and tricks of the trade that she gained from the 35+ births that she had attended to go to waste, so she came up with a course in 3 parts to empower expectant women and their partners.


‘Irie Birth Classes’ are private, (one couple at a time), and can be taken as a whole, or clients can choose any combination of the 3. They are specifically geared towards parents that are hoping for a natural birth. Irene’s philosophy around birth is that it has long reaching effects on the baby and family, and if approached gently and calmly, will provide a strong foundation for the many joys and challenges to come.

Approx. 4.5 hours divided into 3 sessions: $360

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Massage Tips for Expectant Parents

Dads/Partners learn the key areas of tension in the pregnant mother, along with landmarking and basic massage techniques, so that he will be able to alleviate the bodily stresses of carrying and then delivering a baby. In this class, Moms feel ultra nurtured, having two sets of hands massaging them into la-la land!

1 session: $120

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Irie Birth

In this session, the expectant parents learn how childbirth occurs as a natural cascade of events. We cover how the bones of the pelvis open, how the ligaments give, how the musculature guides, how the endorphins and adrenaline rise, and how the amazing network of communication between the fetus and the mother is orchestrated to enable a gentle outcome. The advantage of having a private class for this is that it opens all kinds of discussion that may not come up in a group setting. Clients learn to feel comfortable with the intimacy, sacredness and deepness of birth.

120 minutes: $100

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Labour Coping Skills

Clients have had some time for the previous class to sink in and often come with further questions. After addressing these, we move into drawing on past experiences to gain confidence in our ability to birth, and for dads, to provide support. Clients learn useful visualizations that are specific to them, or customized. Dads also learn how to provide comfort measures, to watch for silent and subtle cues to help determine what his partner needs, to ‘take charge’ when needed, and we also revisit some of the massage techniques. Partners practice different positions for labour and delivery, and learn that a light heart, humour, and a positive approach go a long way.

After these classes, the expectant parents are excited, confident and ready. The baby knows Mom and Dad are prepared, and everyone is primed for a divine and wondrous new beginning.

60 minutes: $50

Baby Holding Parent

Post Partum Doula Services

Invite Irene into your home to care for your infant in a way only a "Baby Whisperer" can. This service helps families adjust to the challenges of caring for a newborn infant up to age 1. Maybe you need to have a shower, go to the grocery store, nap, or have lunch with friends....those little things that will renew you. Especially helpful if you have a colicky, hard to settle, or sleepless baby.   Even 2 hours a week can make a huge difference in preventing post partum depression and increasing the joy a baby brings!

60 minutes: $50

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