Take a trip into your inner world of anatomy and physiology while connecting with the expanse of all that is.  With Irie's knowledgeable guidance, she will take you on a visualization to improve overall function and self awareness.

Our Central Nervous System (CNS) is an energetic motherboard that governs the function of our physical body, and by understanding it more, and picturing what is happening within, you can acknowledge yourself to aid the body's innate desire for optimal health. Irie uses CranioSacral Therapy "Touching the Brain" techniques, her intuition and ability to 'see' into your body with her 20 years of clinical experience, to channel a personalized session over the phone. While being held in sacred space, you will learn about the brain's glymphatic system; how the brain nourishes and cleans itself, and delivers galactic ideas to the whole body, resulting in a feeling of expansion, ease and wonder.

'Irie Visualize: CNS Function and Flow' is a scientific approach to the magic and miracles within.

  A remedy for modern times when travel and in person sessions are difficult, bringing peace and illumination, hope and flow. 

Ideal for brain injuries, neurological disorders, headache sufferers, depression, anxiety.

Highly beneficial for everyone.

1hour  $110