Open Ocean Atomizer

Open Ocean Atomizer


Purify + Protect
Shake. Spray. Nurture.

In these tricky times, keep your boat afloat and your eyes on the horizon with this proprietary mist to help you ride out stormy seas... not a life preserver but close. Although it doesn’t smell like the ocean, this cleansing blend will remind you of happy days spent on the water. Lively and expansive. I know I will be missing my hot holiday this year, but a spritz of this will perk me up while purifying my space and protecting me from November blahs.


Spray body, room, auto, linens, yoga mat & furnishings to freshen and nurture.

Ingredients: distilled water (Aqua), essential oils, vegetable glycerin
Essential Oils:
Lemongrass [cymbopogon citratus] - stimulating, restoring, releasing
Organic Tea Tree [melaleuca alternifolia] - disinfecting, protecting
Peppermint [mentha piperita] - energizing, clearing, relieving

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