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The Irie Special

A unique blend of Irene's (Irie's)  many modalities.

She listens to your voice, body, emotions, and spirit to facilitate alignment and healing with a focus on expansion, ease, and peace.

Nurture the Source.

60 minutes: $110

90 minutes: $150


CranioSacral Therapy

A very gentle encouragement for your body to reach balance and health. Irene has CranioSacral Therapy Level 2 as well as Touching the Brain Techniques 1, and is always amazed at the effectiveness of such a subtle approach.


Access your central nervous system to address stored up 'issues in the tissues'. One client felt "released from a cage"....this is quickly becoming Irene's favourite modality.


Check out the Upledger Institute for more information.

60 minutes: $110

90 minutes: $150



Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that promotes healing. A very subtle hands on approach to help replenish your life force energy. Recharge your battery and relax your body.

60 minutes: $110

90 minutes: $150



Healthy feet. Healthy body. For some, there's nothing like an effective foot massage to ground, relax, and heal. Great for after long days at work, on the mountain, or just because your feet carry you day after day after day!

60 minutes: $110

90 minutes: $150

Traditional Stone Massage.webp

Traditional Stone Massage

An earth based path to wellness that uses hot stones gathered from local rivers and far away oceans. Irene travelled to the US to learn "Stone Medicine" in the Sante' Dakota Sioux tradition.


The stones are offered to your physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies to encourage connection with the Earth, re-establishing the ability to heal self.  You will be transported, transformed and renewed. Your own unique Sacred Symbol created from the stones serves as a helpful touchstone on your journey.


To learn more:

90 minutes: $150

Clinic Aromatherapy.webp

Clinical Aromatherapy Custom Consultation

Irene will do a thorough case history, talk about your treatment goals with you, double check for contraindications, decide proper concentrations and take you on an olfactory journey that ends with your own unique essential oil blend and a smile on your face!

Aromatherapy, the skilled use of essential oils to gently stimulate natural healing, is one of the fastest growing fields in alternative medicine. Plant-derived essential oils have many different properties, and their molecules are small enough to penetrate the skin, pass through capillaries into the blood and through cell walls. Educated use of these plant extracts renews, revitalizes, reconnects and refreshes your life. Essential oils cleanse the air around you, creating a healthier environment for you and your family. 

Check out our Irie Shop page for ready to use, synergistically balanced products for home, body & beauty.

60 minutes: $80

Blending Dropping Essential Oil from Pipette.jpg

Custom Brand Blend: a signature scent for your company

Instead of a pen or sticker or water bottle with your logo on it, why not build your brand with a Custom Blended signature scent?! Innovative, wholistic, with a focus on improving the quality of your customer's lives, essential oils can deliver a multidimensional experience while promoting your business. 


Three goals for your unique blend, which may be found in your vision statement, are considered, as well as your target audience, to build an aroma that will instantly create a connection.  It will then fondly remind clients of the experience they had with you and your company, as  the sense of smell has the most direct route to the brain, and is very involved with memory. Aromatherapy is a rapidly growing industry, show your appreciation with a useful marketing tool that will reach into people's everyday story with a reminder that you care.


Options for labelling offer either a chance to name an Irie Source Essentials blend, or have your logo front and center for full impact. I work with a Kimberley design company and printshop to fulfill a complete locally made product ready for you to share widely. 

Whether you choose to offer small complimentary sizes, or add your signature scent to your retail space or swag collection to increase revenue, you will be sure to leave a lasting impression. 

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